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L. G. ISTYAGIN. The Foreign Policy of the 26th CPSU Congress in Action.

Drawing on a wealth of material - CPSU and Soviet Government statements, Soviet and foreign press reports - the author analyses some results of the movement in support of the 26th CPSU Congress Peace Programme for the 1980s. His analysis shows that in the present world situation, sharply aggravated by the politics of the most aggressive imperialist forces, the international actions of the USSR and its allies, and the Soviet peace initiatives, have demonstrated to the world peaceful constructive character of socialist foreign policy. The author traces the growth of the anti-war movement and concludes that it is becoming a factor of paramount importance in strengthening peace and international security.


A survey of the development of historical science in the Georgian SSR in the Soviet years. The flourishing of historical science in the republic, the author stresses, is due to extensive research in Georgian history and the broadening of the source base, on the one hand, and to improved methodology, on the other. The article describes the main research trends (problems of ethnogenesis, ancient Georgian socio-economic system, genesis and development stages of feudalism, emergence of capitalist relations, the class struggle and national-liberation movement in the 19th-early 20th centuries, the working people's struggle for Soviet power and the building of socialism.

E. P. IVANOV. The Peasantry in the North-Western Region of the RSFSR on the Eve of Mass Collectivisation.

The author concentrates on the least studied socio-economic aspects of the problem, outlines the process of class differentiation, social relations within the peasantry, the cooperatives and contract system. His overall conclusion: with the manifest socialist trend in Party and Government policy, the peasants of this region supported collectivisation despite certain regional specifics that tended to hold up the process (relatively low level of stratification among the peasantry, numerical growth of kulak elements up to 1929, and widespread non-agricultural occupations, the large number of isolated farmsteads, and so on).

N. A. RABKINA. The Historical Views of Konstantin Leontiev.

The author takes as her subject the general historical views of Konstantin Leontiev (1831 - 1891), his attitude to the major issues of Russia's socio-economic development, the problem of the state, religion and culture. She reveals the underlying causes of his historical pessimism and shows how Leontiev, a principled supporter of the existing system and a talented publicist, in his polemics with the democrats and the liberals, condemned his own ideological predecessors, the early Slavofiles, pochvenniki (advocates of the drawing closer together of the propertied classes and the people), and N. Ya. Danilevsky, by exposing the untenability of the main components of their philosophy of history.

D. K. SHELESTOV. On the Contemporary Bourgeois Historical Demography.

An interpretative characterisation of bourgeois historical demography in the 1950s-1970s. The author points that a new period began in the 1950s, with the study of demographic history, analysis of demographic processes and structures, and demographic behaviour. However, the fundamental methodological principles, reflecting the limitations of the bourgeois world outlook, has remained unchanged. This tends to inhibit its research potential.

A. B. BUGAEV. Disarmament, a Necessary Element of Environmental Protection.

The author discusses the interrelation and interdependence between the two major global problems of our time: disarmament and environmental protection, during the post-war period. He dwells in detail on the harmful consequence of the arms race and underlines that the solution of the environmental problem depends on effective disarmament measures. The ecological crisis in a world of two differing socio- economic systems can be apprehensibly mitigated if the arms race is stopped and the principles of peaceful coexistence are adhered to in international relations.

стр. 190


"Problems of History" N. 6, 1982

Articles: L. G. Istyagin. The Foreign Policy of the 26th CPSU Congress in Action; G. A. Melikishvili, Academician of the Georgian Academy of Sciences. Historical Science in the Georgian SSR; E. P. Ivanov. The Peasantry in the North-Western Region of the RSFSR on the Eve of Mass Collectivisation; N. A. Rabkina. The Historical Views of Konstantin Leontiev; D. K. Shelestov. On the Contemporary Bourgeois Historical Demography; A. B. Bugaev. Disarmament, a Necessary Element of Environmental Protection. Historical Essays: L. M. Chizhova. The Muscovites' Assistance to the Socialist Construction in the Non-Russian Republics; M. G. Meerovich. "Pravda" in Yaroslavl Region; V. N. NN kiforov. Ideological Predecessors of the 1911 - 1913 Revolution in China. Historical Science in the USSR and Abroad. Surveys: Yu. V. Rodovich. Documents of the Fraternal Friendship and Cooperation. Book Reviews: P. P. Sevostyanov. On the Eve of the Great Trial. The USSR Foreign Policy on the Eve of the Great Patriotic War. September 1939-June 1941; F. Kh. Kasymov. Bypassing Capitalism. Soviet Historiography of the Transition of the Central Asian Peoples to Socialism; V. D. Polikarpov, Historiography of the Initial Stage of the Civil War; A. S. Amirkhanova-Kulish. Z. G. Zilpukarov. The Red Army Assistance in the Socialist Construction in Azerbaijan; L. S. Semenov. The Travel of Afanasii Nikitin; N. V. Sivachev, E. F. Yazkov. The US Contemporary History; A. A. Anikeev. German Fascism and the Peasantry. 1933 - 1945; A. A. Svanidze. The Mediaeval Town and Market in Sweden. 13th-15th Centuries; S. A. Christensen. Ruslands historie i det 17. arhundrede. En forsknings- og kildeoversigt. Kobenhavn, 1979, and others. Scientific Notes. Facts, Events, People. Articles in Soviet and Foreign Scientific Journals. New Books in the USSR and Abroad.


de la revue "Questions d'histoire", N 6, 1982

Articles: L. G. Istiaguine. La ligne de politique extérieure du XXVI" Congrès du P.C.U.S. en action ; G. A. Mélikichvili, membre titulaire de l'Académie des Sciences de Géorgie. Le développement de la science historique en R.S.S. de Géorgie ; E. P. Ivanov. La paysannerie du Nord-Ouest de la R.S.F.S.R. à la veille de la collectivisation totale ; N. A. Rabkina. Les vues historiques de K. N. Léontiev ; D. K. Chélestov. Sur la démographie historique bourgeoise contemporaine ; A. B. Bougaïev. Le désarmement, condition indispensable de la protection de la nature. Apercus historiques: L. M. Tchijova. L'aide des Moskovites aux républiques s?urs dans l'édification socialiste ; M. G. Meïherovitch. " La Pravda " sur la terre de Yaroslavl ; V. N. Nikiforov. Les prédécesseurs ideéis de la Révolution de Xinhai ¡Science historique en U. R. S. S. et à l'étranger. Revues : You. V. Rodovitch. Les documents de l'amitié fraternelle et de la coopération. Comptes rendus des livres: P. P. Sevostianov. Avant une grande épreuve. La politique extérieure de l'U.R.S.S. à la veille de la Grande Guerre nationale. Septembre 1939 - juin 1941 ; F. Kh. Kassymov. En évitant le capitalisme. L'historiographie soviétique du passage des peuples de l'Asie moyenne vers le socialisme ; V. D. Polikarpov. L'étape initiale de la guerre civile ( L'histoire de l'étude ) ; A. S. Amirkhanova-Koulich, Z. G. Zoulpoukarov. L'aide de l'Armée Rouge dans l'édification socialiste en Azerbaïdjan ; L. S. Sémenov. Le voyage d'Afanassi Nikitine ; N. V. Sivatchev, E. F. Yazkov. L'histoire contemporaine des Etats-Unis ; A. A. Anikatev. Le fascisme allemand et la paysannerie ( 1938 - 1945) ; A. A. Svanidzé. La ville et le marché au Suède médiéval. ХІIIе-XVe siècle ; S. A. Christensen. L'histoire de Russie en XVII e siècle. Apercu des études et des sources, etc. Notes scientifiques. Faits, événements, hommes. Articles dans les revues historiques soviétiques et étrangères. Nouveaux livres en U.R.S.S. et à l'étranger.

стр. 191


revista "Cuestiones de historia" N 6, 1982

Artículos: L. G. Istiaguin. El rumbo político exterior del XXVI Congreso del PCUS en acción; G. A. Melikishvili, miembro efectivo de la AC de la RSS de Georgia. Desarrollo de la ciencia histórica en la RSS de Georgia; E. P. Ivanov. El campesinado del Noroeste de la RSFSR en vísperas de la colectivización completa; N. A. Rábkina. Puntos de vista históricos de K. N. Leóntiev; D. K. Shélestov. Acerca de la demografía histórica burguesa contemporánea; A. B. Bugáev. El desarme, condición indispensable de defensa del medio natural. Ensayos históricos: L. M. Chizhova. La ayuda que los moscovitas prestan a la edificación socialista en las repúblicas nacionales; M. G. Meieróvich. "Pravda" en la tierra de Yaroslavl; V. N. Nikiforov. Precursores ideológicos de la revolución de Xinhai. Ciencia histórica en la URSS y en el exterior. Resumenes: Yu. V. Rodóvich. Documentos de la amistad fraternal y colaboración. Resenas de libros: P. P. Sevostiánov. Frente a una gran prueba. La política exterior de la URSS en vísperas de la Gran Guerra Patria. Setiembre de 1939 - junio de 1941, F. J. Kasímov. Evitando el capitalismo. Historiografía soviética de la transición de los pueblos de Asia Central al socialismo; V. D. Polikárpov. Etapa inicial de la guerra civil (historia del estudio); A. S. Amirjánova-Kulish, Z. G. Zulpukárov. La ayuda del Ejército Rojo en la edificación socialista de Azerbaidzhán; L. S. Semiónov. Viaje de Afanasi Nikitin; N. V. Sivachov, E. F. Yazkov. Historia contemporánea de EE.UU.; A. A. Anikéev. El fascismo alemán y el campesinado (1933 - 1945); A. A. Svanidze. La ciudad medieval y el mercado en Suecia. Siglos XIII a XV; S. A. Christensen. Ruslands historie i det 17. arhundrede. En forskningsog kildeoversigt. Kobenhavn. 1979, etc. Apuntes científicos. Hechos, acontecimientos, hombres. Artículos en las revistas históricas soviéticas y extranjeras. Nuevos libros en la URSS y en el exterior.


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