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Adayev U.Z. Nature of gravitation and its influence mechanism

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Adayev U.Z. Nature of gravitation and its influence mechanism // London: British Digital Library (ELIBRARY.ORG.UK). Updated: 11.08.2019 . URL: (date of access: 22.05.2024 )

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Gravity laws are well known to everyone. However, there is a lack of comprehensive knowledge about the gravity mechanism.  It is a common view that any matter having the weight has got field of gravity, but this assumption has not been concreted by any essential mechanism. The author suggests by its theory a logical model supported by experimental data on gravity origin. Gravitation mechanism is based on neutrino circulation and the gravity formed by interfering neutrino flows revolves the planets on orbits and about own axis.  In this theory neutrino is taken as the carrier of gravity. Experimentally derived features of this fundamental particle entirely meet the graviton characteristics.  Macro and micro space is filled by and consist of neutrino. Neutrino has got strong penetrating capacity, absorbed and escaped in betadisintegration. Earth gravity is formed due to shielding by the earth core the all-penetrating neutrino flows. Neutrino enters the fusion reaction on the core surface and stops its motion.   As a consequence neutrino flows directed towards the earth central core do not face any compensative neutrino countercurrent flow. Before stop neutrino on its way is pressing on gases, liquids and rocks.   On the surface of the Earth volume of neutrino flows coming from the Earth core                       (ν- =106(ν+⊽)/cm2s) is derived by tests of KamLAND neutrino detector. This value is less than the neutrino volume (ν+ =∼107-108  (ν+⊽)/cm2s) which arrives to the surface of the Earth from the open space.  New vision on the gravity nature is based on changed direction of neutrino flow during penetration into the matter. Penetrating the matter neutrino slightly changes initial flow direction.  Within the magnetic field such changed neutrino flow is controlled by focusing it. As a result, focused neutrino flow is pressing on atmosphere and lithosphere.   Gravity filed is formed by any cosmic body which in its center has got a zone of fusion reaction. Each matter may change the neutrino flow although it is not gravity.  Focused gravity flow revolves center core of the Earth, creates magnetic dynamo effect and revolves the Moon on its orbit.  Such focused gravity flow creates a ring around the planets.   Gravity Constanta is typical for each gravity source and expressed by space and time relation around this source. Reserve interdependency of space and time leads to abnormalities in acts of nature.    


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Adayev U.Z., Nature of gravitation and its influence mechanism // London: British Digital Library (ELIBRARY.ORG.UK). Updated: 11.08.2019. URL: (date of access: 22.05.2024).

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Ualikhan Adayev
Shymkent, Kazakhstan
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11.08.2019 (1745 days ago)
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The paper covers a model of generation of fundamental forces induced by neutrino interference with other particles. Neutrinos fill up vacuum and inter-vacuum space obtaining a long-range action. Fundamental binding “proton-neutrinoselectron” has been defined and its transformation under various conditions into atom of hydrogen or neutron is studied. The paper also considers structuring of nucleus and electron atomic shell. Electron is positioned on stationary shell creating intraatomic and interatomic forces. Fundamental forces are generated due to neutrinos interference of neutron, nucleon and atom. Proposed the impact of neutrinos on origin of gravitation.
Catalog: Physics 
1745 days ago · From Ualikhan Adayev

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Nature of gravitation and its influence mechanism

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