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K. I. MIKULSKY. The 24th CPSU Congress on the Further Development and Strengthening of the Socialist World System

The article highlights the most important generalizations and conclusions made by the 24th Congress of the CPSU on topical problems connected with the further development of the socialist world system. The author characterizes the contemporary stage of development of the socialist countries, devoting particular attention to problems of a developed socialist society. He makes a point of stressing that at this stage there emerge broader possibilities for consistent realization of the advantages latent in the new social system. The article analyzes concrete ways and means of achieving closer unity and solidarity of the socialist countries. The author examines a number of objective and subjective factors of cementing the unity of the socialist community, bringing out the significance of socialist economic integration and more extensive political cooperation of the fraternal countries. Much importance is attached in the article to highlighting the role of the socialist world system as a major factor determining the progressive development of mankind.

A. B. LIBMAN and V. A. MAAMAGI. The Estonian Workers' Struggle for Their Republic's Entry into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

The article traces the history of the Estonian workers' struggle for Soviet power, for Estonia's political union with the close-knit family of Soviet nations. The authors' research is based on hitherto unpublished sources, primarily on a number of documents shedding light on the role played by the Estonian Communist Party in guiding the struggle of the masses and on the extensive participation of the working people in this struggle in the years of the civil war and foreign armed intervention as well as in the period of the domination of the bourgeoisie in Estonia. Special importance is attached in the article to the events connected with the incorporation of the Estonian Republic in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as a full-fledged member of the fraternal communitv of Soviet peoples. Aluch attention is given by the authors to the Republic's postwar development, to the generous and all-round fraternal assistance rendered the Eistonian people by the other Soviet nations and nationalities in the effort to ensure their rapid economic and cultural advancement.

A. A. AKHTAMZIAN. The Genoa Conference and the Treaty of Rapallo

The article characterizes the preparations made by the Soviet delegation under V. I. Lenin's leadership for the Genoa conference, the practical elaboration of the basic principles of economic cooperation between countries with different social systems, and traces the development of the diplomatic struggle at the conference itself. Drawing on the new publication of diplomatic documents undertaken by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the U.S.S.R. jointly with the Foreign Ministry of the German Democratic Republic, as well as on materials from the Political Archive of the German Diplomatic Department in Bonn (Federal Republic of Germany), the author cites hitherto unknown data on the progress of Soviet-German negotiations on the eve and during the Genoa conference, examines the circumstances attending the conclusion of the Treaty of Rapallo and shows the significance of that treaty for the outcome of the diplomatic struggle waged by different countries at that period. Of particular interest are the records and reports of G. V. Chicherin and other Soviet diplomats, the detailed recording of events in the form of a diary made by the prominent German diplomat Baron Ago von Maltzan, and other materials contained in the article.

стр. 221

I. Y. TRIFONOV. Schism in the Russian Orthodox Church (1922 - 1925)

The article graphically shows how the illusory hopes of restoring bourgeois rule caused by the transition of the Soviet state to the New Economic Policy (NEP) influenced the emergence of the "modernization" trend in the Russian Orthodox Church, and traces the sharp struggle that developed within the Church during the period of economic rehabilitation. The author highlights the activity of the Communist Party and the Soviet state directed towards politically isolating the counter-revolutionary Church hierarchy and taking advantage of the schism for educating the masses in a spirit of scientific atheism and extensively drawing them into the process of socialist construction. The author regards the division and struggle within the Church as the factors directly responsible for the spread of atheism in the country.

V. F. PETROVSKY. Soviet Scientists on the Place and Role of the United Nations Organization in the Present-Day World

The article examines the efforts made by Soviet scientists objectively to define the place and role of the United Nations Organization in the present-day world. Their conception to this effect, founded on the Leninist teaching on the peaceful coexistence of states with differing socio-economic systems, is characterized by a comprehensive approach to problems relating to the history, structure and functioning of the U. N.. as well as by strict observance of the principle of historism in examining the development of the world organization and in analyzing current international problems. Their close, thorough study of the objective laws and regularities governing the political and economic development, scientific, technological and social progress, enables Soviet scientists to draw the conclusion that the role played by the U. N. as an effective instrument of international cooperation is bound to grow steadily. The further development of the Soviet scientific conception of the U. N. imperatively demands still closer cooperation of historians, lawyers, economists and other specialists investigating diverse aspects of U. N. activity, while at the same time making it necessary to expose and effectively refute the various concepts of bourgeois, notably American, authors seeking to convert the world organization into a pliant tool designed to further the aims of imperialist policy.

V. P. TOLOKNOV. Friedrich Meinecke's "Historism" as a Variety of the Idealist Methodology of History

The article contains a brief critical analysis of the initial methodological principles of historical knowledge as expounded in the works of Friedrich Meinecke (1862 - 1954), who consistently tried to substantiate the conception of "historism" in the course of several decades. This eclectical system of philosophico-historical postulates was presented by Meinecke as the only valid and acceptable methodological basis of concrete historiography. The author critically examines the principles underlying this variety of idealistic methodology: "individualistic conception" of history characterized by denying the general laws and intrinsic regularities; indeterminist and mythological ideas about the causes and driving forces of social progress; the relativist "idea of development" which reduces the development of history to a chaotic agglomeration of changes devoid of objective logic and progressive direction. The article also subjects to a critical examination the gnosiological propositions of "historism", notably the so-called theory of "understanding" which Meinecke borrowed from Dilthey, although in a slightly modified form. The article convincingly shows that from the scientific point of view this variety of the idealist methodology of history is utterly untenable.

стр. 222


of the journal "Problems of History" No. 5, 1972

Articles: K. I. Mikulsky . The 24th CPSU Congress on the Further Development and Strengthening of the Socialist World System; A. B. Libman and V. A. Maamagi , Member of the Academy of Sciences of the Estonian S.S.R. The Estonian Workers' Struggle for Their Republic's Entry into the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics; A. A. Akhtamzian . The Genoa Conference and the Treaty of Rapallo; I. Y. Trifonov. Schism in the Russian Orthodox Church (1922 - 1925); V. F. Petrovsky . Soviet Scientists on the Place and Role of the United Nations Organization in the Present-Day World; V. P. Toloknov . Friedrich Meinecke's "Historism" as a Variety of the Idealist Methodology of History. Reminiscences: К. М. Khmelevsky . They Brought Nearer the Day of Victory. Historical Essays: A. P. Novoseltsev . The Transcaucasian Peoples' Liberation Struggle in the 18th Century; N. N. Yakovlev . The Labyrinths of Washingtoniana. Historical Science in the U. S. S. R. and Abroad. Surveys: A. P. Plotnikov . Literature Reflecting the Labour Feats Accomplished by the Soviet Countryside During the Great Patriotic War of 1941 - 1945; K. B. Vinogradov, O. A. Naumenkov . The Imperialist Division of Africa as Reflected in Contemporary Bourgeois Historiography. Book Reviews: I. Z. Zakharov. Battle-Steeled Friendship; R. A. Yermolayeva, A. Y. Manusevich. Lenin and the Polish Labour Movement; "The Sailors' Struggle for Soviet Power in Azerbaijan and the Pre-Caspian Territories in 1918 - 1920"; A. V. Ado. The Peasant Movement in France During the Bourgeois Revolution of 1789: Roderick Martin. Communism and the British Trade Unions. 1924 - 1933. A Study of the National Minority Movement, etc. Facts, Events, People. Articles in Soviet and foreign historical journals, new books in the U.S.S.R. and abroad.


de la revue "Questions d'histoire", N 5, 1972

Articles: K. I. Mikoulsky . Le XXIVе Congres du P.С.U.S. sur le rieveloppement et la consolidation du Systeme socialiste mondial; A. B. Libman, V. A. Maamiagui , membre titulaire de l'Academie des Sciences de la R.S.S. d'Estonie. La lutte des travailleurs rie I'Estonie pour l'adhesion a l'Union des Republiques Socialisles Sovietiques; A. A. Akhtamzian . La Conference de Genes et le traite de Rapallo; I. Y. Trifonov. Raskol dans 1'Eglise orthodoxe russe (1922 - 1925); V. F. Petrovsky . Les savants sovietiques sur la place et le role de l'O.N.U. dans le monde contemporain; V. P. Toloknov . "Methode historique" rie F. Meineke en tant que variete de la methodologie idealiste d'histoire. Memoires: K. M. Khmelevsky. Ils ont approche la victoirei Etudes historique s: A. P. Novosseltsev . La lutte de liberation des peuples de Transcaucasie au XVIIIеsiecle; N. N. Yakovlev. Labyrinthes de Washingtoniana. Sсiences historiques en U.R.S.S. et a l'etranger. Revues: A. P. Plotnikov. La litterature consacree a I'exploit de travail de la campagne sovietique dans la periode de la Grande Guerre Nationale; K. B. Vinogradov, O. A. Naoumenkov . Le partage imperialiste de l'Afrique vu par l'historiographie bourgeoise d'aujourd'hui. Comptes rendus des livres: I. Z. Zakharov. L'amitie trempee dans les combats; P. A. Ermolaeva, A. Y. Manonssevitch. V. I. Lenine et le mouvement ouvrier polonais; "Les marins de guerre dans la lutte pour le Pouvoir des Soviets a l'Azerbaidjan et aux bords de la mer Caspienne. 1918 - 1920"; A. V. Ado. Le mouvement de paysans en France pendant la Grande Revolution bourgeoise de la fin du XVIIIе siecle; R. Martin. Le communisme et les syndicats britanniques. 1924 - 1933. Recherche du mouvement national de la minorite, etc. Faits, evenements, hommes. Sommaires des revues historiques sovietiques et etrangeres. Nouveaux livres parus en U.R.S.S. et a l'etranger.

стр. 223


de la revista "Cuestiones de historia" N 5, 1972.

Artiсulos: K. I. Mikulskiy. XXIV Congreso del PCUS sobre el desarrollo у fortalecimiento del sistema mundial del socialismo; A. B. Libtnan, academico de la AC de la Republica Socialista Sovietica de Estonia V. A. Maamiagui. Lucha de los trabajadores de Estonia рог la incoporacion a la Union Sovietica; A. A. Ajtamzian. Conferencia de Genova у acuerdo de Rapallo; I .Y. Trifonov. Division en el seno de la iglesia ortodoxa rusa (1922 - 1925); V. F. Petrovskiy. Cientificos sovieticos sobre el lugar у papel de la ONU en el mundo moderno; V. P. Toloknov. "Historismo" de F. Meineke como especie de la metodologia idealista de historia. Memorias: K. M. Jmelevskiy. jEllos hicieron llegar la victoria antes! Ensayos historicos: A. P. Novoselzev. Lucha libertadora de los pueblos de Transcaucasia en el siglo XVIII; N. N. Yiakovlev.Personalidad de Washington vista por los cronistas norteamericanos. La ciencia historica en el extranjero. Revistas: A. P. Plotnikov. Publicaciones historicas dedicadas a la hazana laboral de la aldea Sovietica en la Gran Guerra Patria; K. B. Vinogradov, O. A. Naumenkov. Historiografia burguesa moderna de la division imperialista de Africa. Resenas de libros: I. Z. Zajarov. Amistad forjada en los combates; R. A. Ermolaeva, A. Y. Manusevich. Lenin у el movimiento obrero polaco "Marinos en la lucha por el Poder sovietico en Azerbaidzhan у la costa del Caspio. 1918 - 1920"; A. V. Ado. Movimiento campesino en Francia en los tiempos de la Gran revolucion burguesa de fines del siglo XVIII; Rodrigo Martin. Comunismo у sindicatos ingleses. 1924 - 1933, etc. Heсhos, acontecimientos, personalidades. Articulos en las revistas historicas sovieticas у extranjeras, nuevos libros en la LJRSS у en el extranjero.


Институт всеобщей истории Академии наук СССР объявляет прием в аспирантуру с отрывом от производства на 1972 год по следующим специальностям:

1. Теория социально-экономических формаций.

2. Новейшая история стран Центральной Европы.

3. Новейшая история Северной Европы.

Прием документов до 25 августа. Приемные экзамены с пятого сентября с. г.

Справки по адресу: г. Москва, 117036, ул. Д. Ульянова, 19. Телефон: 126 - 94 - 12.


стр. 224


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Редакция журнала "Вопросы истории" принимает статьи объемом не более 1,5 авторского листа (36 стр. машинописи через два интервала); воспоминания, исторические очерки и публикации - по предварительному соглашению; обзоры - до 16 стр., письма и заметки - 6 - 8 стр., заметки о статьях, опубликованных в зарубежных журналах, - 3 стр. Все материалы представляются в редакцию в 2-х экземплярах. В случаях отклонения рукописи автору возвращается один экземпляр; другой остается в архиве редакции.


стр. 225


ДАСКАЛОВ М. Нови черти на съвременния империализъм. Изм. в икономикита на империализма от 60-те год. София. Партиздат. 1971. 114 с.

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